About BIM

Business Insurance Market was founded by Owner/Agent Daniel Munro. He did so after building one of the largest retail Commercial Insurance Brokerages in the nation in Gaslamp Insurance Services in San Diego over the course of several years for investors. He decided to start his own company, and Business Insurance Market was born.

“We put customers first! We have a wide arrange of insurance companies to make sure that we are always procuring the most specialized product for our client’s to properly satisfy their needs. We utilize our extensive network of insurance companies, and seasoned expertise to always provide the best option to our clients.”

We want to make sure that our clients are getting the very best available to them not only when they are signing up for the coverage but the entire time they remain a client of Business Insurance Market. For this, we have implemented a same day certificate request response time. If a certificate request is received by 3 pm PST, Business Insurance Market will make sure that certificate goes out the same day.

We make sure that we always put our clients first.

Give us a call here in the office at (760) 621-3844 to speak with one of our experienced and licensed agents to help you with all of your insurance needs.